Why us?


Why us?

We're small enough that you'll always get the personal attention you want and deserve, plus we...

  • Feel real passion for progressive causes
  • Know the political lay of the land
  • Understand the culture of membership and organizing
  • Have an established reputation
  • Cultivate close relationships with Colorado journalists
  • Embrace opportunities for digital  innovation
  • Work harder than any firm we know
  • Charge far less than any of the "big guys"

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getting folks to know, care and do



getting folks to know, care and do

Since 2004, Progressive Promotions has helped nonprofits pass laws, shape policies, win elections, enlist supporters and change minds to make Colorado a fairer and better place to live, work and play.


We know how and where to reach the people you want to engage – but more than anything, we help you mobilize them by telling your compelling story in creative ways. 

Obamacare: social and traditional media campaign

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Education co-launched Got Insurance?, an edgy and humorous traditional and social media campaign to increase awareness of affordable health insurance options thanks to Obamacare. Progressive Promotions helped with  inception, planning, ad production, media relations and social media engagement, resulting in 23+ million website visits, millions of Facebook posts/Tweets and thousands of media stories.

Education Funding: viral video

It can be hard to capture folks’ attention on wonky issues like education funding policy. So who better to make the case than adorable 5-year old Oscar and a bunch of citizens he meets on Denver’s 16th Street Mall? Progressive Promotions captured the moments and created a shareable video that folks loved.

Consumer Protection: full digital and traditional media

Progressive Promotions successfully shifted the narrative on the construction defect issue for Build Our Homes Right. Not only did we develop successful messaging and strategy, but we created their digital presence (including website, Facebook page, Twitter and email program) and secured 150+ media stories in the course of a year.




Over the years we've worked with a large number of nonprofits and causes, including:














“Jenny is a whip-smart detail-oriented dynamo who’s got the policy smarts, political savvy, connections, and work ethic to build the relationships and content required to move a project forward.”
— Shayna Englin, Managing Director
“Progressive Promotions has trained my grantees in messaging, strategy and outreach so groups could engage and activate their communities.”
— Deidre Johnson, Center for African American Health Director
“Jenny and the team at Progressive Promotions are incredibly responsive to all our communication needs. Not only are they smart, hard-working and effective, they’re all a pleasure to work with.”
— Erin Bennett, 9to5 Colorado Executive Director

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New Page

Amendment 70: Winning a raise for low-wage workers 

Colorado Families for a Fair Wage won a big victory for low-wage working families – Amendment 70 to raise the wage to $12/hour by 2020 won by 10 points in November 2016. Running the earned media component of the campaign, Progressive Promotions was a crucial part of the win. So how did we do it?

Developed a winning message

The campaign developed a winning message, informed by research and further input from low wage workers, small business owners and allies on the ground. We wove these key messages into pitched stories, reaction quotes, op-eds and letters to the editor:

This is a Modest, Phased-In Change

  • Small and rural businesses will be able to easily adjust

  • Will build a strong economy so Coloradans can earn enough to take care of selves/families

  • Is a great Colorado-based solution so Coloradans can earn enough to make ends meet

This is Smart.

  • Local businesses grow when workers with money in their pockets spend it on Main Street

  • Paying a little more decreases employee turnover, increases productivity - also good for businesses.

  • 120+ Colorado businesses have signed on because it’s good for the local economy, small business

This is Fair.

  • $300/week is not enough to cover even basics – 130,000 parent-workers are in poverty with kids

  • Working families should be able to cover housing, put food on the table and provide for children.

  • 9 of 10 low wage workers are over 20 – many in skilled jobs like CNAs, preschool teachers, EMT’s


Trained compelling “real life” spokespeople to tell our story

We listened to the people affected by the minimum wage increase – business owners, workers, economists and campaign leaders – and coached them so they could tell their – and our – story in a clear and compelling way.

Business owners were trusted messengers for not only their peers, but for those voters concerned that small businesses would be harmed by the increase to wages.  We leveraged their voices in TV, radio, newspaper and online articles, as well as in op-eds and letters to the editor around the state.

Workers were able to communicate the difficulty and desperation experienced by families working hard yet not able to cover rent, utilities, food and medical care. They spoke out in stories in newspapers, TV, radio, online sites, as well as letters to the editor.

Economists were able to counter the opposition argument that raising the wage would hurt local economies, especially in rural communities. Respected and credentialed economists all over the state were deployed along the Front Range and in Durango to set the record straight on current academic research on the issue in reported stories and in published op-eds.                  

Campaign leaders were prepped to talk about the issue and the campaign – and consistently delivered the “modest, phased-in, smart and fair” message in proactive and reactive media stories.


Pitched positive media stories in targeted cities

The campaign secured more than 350 positive traditional media stories nationally and  all over the state –especially in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs, Durango and Grand Junction.

Old-fashioned, solid media relations got it done for us, including stockpiling a range of cited background material, compiling a number of spokespeople to be “on call” for interviews and cultivating ongoing relationships with key political, business and news reporters/editors/producers. Specifically, we:

  • Met with all the key media contacts covering the campaign several weeks prior to ballot distribution

  • Pitched proactive stories all over the state, including Denver, Fort Collins and Durango

  • Responded quickly to requests across the state, including Denver, Aurora and Grand Junction

  • Placed op-eds and letters to the editor from workers, business owners and economists in quite a few newspapers, including Denver Business Journal, Glenwood Springs Post Independent and Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.


Our successful earned media campaign was a key component of a 55-45% win for Amendment 70.