Digital media is a constantly changing game.


Just when you think you know what’s going on, some current event or random viral meme changes all the rules. Anyone working in this space will tell you that it’s what they love and loathe most about it - but, still, it’s easy to forget.

Since starting at Progressive Promotions this winter, I’ve gotten into a groove. I have my search engine keywords, my industry handbooks. Polls and trends can give you the idea that you will know exactly what you should do to make a desired impact.

And what all of the best practices have in common?


They know things are not static.

For instance, did you know that 82.3% of baby boomers are on Facebook? That means millennials and younger generations are opting for Snapchat and other networks where their parents are nowhere to be found. Another fun fact: we have finally reached that fateful day when Facebook has surpassed Google as the leading traffic site on the internet. Did you ever think you would see the day?

The big question comes: are we nimble enough in our communications and engagement strategies to alter them accordingly?

Even when we have laid out the exact path to take, it’s just as important as ever to be able to pivot our thinking to take advantage of the conversations that are already happening among our target audiences. Perhaps your story is better told on Snapchat than Instagram? Maybe your blog will do better on Medium or Tumblr than your organization's website? 

Data is often hailed as the key to it all - with good reason. Data informs us where we are now and what we can expect from the next step. It allows us to track how well we are meeting our goals and what's trending among targeted audiences. However, it takes creativity to break through the noise, get those actions, and make an impact with your message. 

Still don't get it?

Audi teamed up with The Onion for a SuperBowl spot about "All the news that isn't football". Their platform? Snapchat. Check it out.