Every year we're excited to read the annual M+R Benchmarks study report to see what nonprofit organizations across the country are doing in the digital space. It was released yesterday and there's a lot to learn!

  • We're still digesting everything but the thing that jumped out is that nonprofits of all sizes are increasing their use of online ads. In fact, overall spending on digital ads grew by 69% – and small and medium-sized nonprofits definitely are a part of this trend.

So what are nonprofits' goals and where are they putting their online dollars? And where are they putting their online dollars? About a quarter seeks to build awareness/branding, another quarter is to advocate for policy/legislation and almost half is devoted to fundraising. Display and search ads still dominate but social media ads are on the rise:

M+R Benchmarks can help you plan and evaluate your digital strategy – why not download the report today?