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In fact, the study had some pretty telling numbers about how people consume their weekly news.

So what does this mean for our trustworthy publications? As more people jump from print to digital to obtain their news, publications need to be more strategic about how they deliver news to their readers. As noted in the study, they need to strike the right balance of push notifications and personalization - as well as consider alternative revenue streams since a majority of readers are still unwilling to pay for high-quality news.

For many, it’s all about trial and error. But it’s important to remember: If you meet your audience where they are, they will be more receptive.

As for those of us pitching stories to the media, keep in mind what kind of stories will appeal to online audiences and how to best make sure those stories are shareable. And if you’re an organization that needs help packaging your story for the news, give us a call – we’d love to help you.