Digital Strategy, Creative Manager - Born and raised in historic Richmond, Virginia, Christina fell in love with Colorado the first time she set her eyes on the Rocky Mountains. After getting a taste of political activism in college at the University of Oklahoma, she knew she wanted to make a positive impact on the world around her. She relocated to Colorado because she wanted to help the state become a national trendsetter in building diverse, progressive communities with a voice.

Before joining Progressive Promotions, Christina worked in the corporate sector as a Marketing Assistant at Rink Management Services Corporations. She also took on freelance projects focused on the progressive causes she loves. Eventually, her love for protecting the environment led her to combine her passion with her career. Her other experience includes:

  • Marketing Assistant at the University of Oklahoma’s Student Learning Center

  • Volunteer Freelance Graphic Designer at Sierra Club of Virginia

  • Transportation Planning Intern at Cleveland Area Rapid Transit

  • Public Relations Intern at CarMax

In her free time, Christina likes to go on adventures in new places. She’s also a professional cat lady who loves volunteering at local animal shelters. Often, you can find her with her nose in a book or playing videos games like Night in the Woods. In the future, she aims to study for a Master's in Social Science to further her education on the impact that society has on the environment.