Sarah White Headshot

Director, Digital Strategy and Creative

Specializing in developing digital strategies and creative content that motivates people into action, Sarah (White) Whitson has worked on numerous national and statewide GOTV, IE, and advocacy campaigns.

She started off her career as a freelance multi-media journalist for the Colorado Springs Independent before moving on to a startup creative marketing agency as a senior media producer and then leading the digital strategy and creative initiatives at Conservation Colorado. Now she heads the digital and creative team at Progressive Promotions and works to make sure nonprofit resources aren't wasted on extinct tactics by always asking why.

Digital Strategy Work: Advocacy Campaigns, List Building (organic and paid), CRM/Email Management, Organic Social Media Strategy, Paid Social Media Strategy, Targeting, Ad Placement, Messaging, Cross-campaign Coordination, Fundraising, Trainings, Content Planning

Creative Content Work: Branding, Strategy, Video Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Website Development, Copywriting, Trainings

Outside of Work:  Sarah enjoys spending her time with her wife (Beka), dog (Koru), and cats (Kai and Leela). Avid weekend warriors, Beka, Koru, and Sarah can usually be found hiking in the central mountains, camping, watching soccer, or gardening.

Favorite Spot in Colorado: Roaring Fork Valley and Crested Butte (tie)

Can Be Found Online: LinkedIn, Instagram


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