Digital Strategy, Creative Director - Sarah is a Colorado transplant via South Carolina who has worked for both the commercial and progressive nonprofit worlds for over 10 years. After getting her B.A. in English and Film from Colorado College, she moved to Boulder and continued to get extensive experience in journalism, digital marketing, and videography.

Before joining Progressive Promotions, she was leader of digital strategy for Conservation Colorado – the state’s leading environmental advocacy organization – where she developed strategy and implemented their online communications, from managing their website to executing paid Facebook and other online ads. Her previous work includes:

  • Digital strategist and copywriter for Albatross Digital
  • Photographer and web designer for Honey Pie Pastries
  • Senior media producer for Arrae Creative
  • Lead videographer and writer for The Adventurous 500
  • Freelance reporter and photographer for the Colorado Springs Independent
  • Video, photo, and web intern for Colorado College Communications Office

From skiing to hiking to backpacking to spontaneous road trips, Sarah enjoys spending her down time exploring as much of Colorado as possible with her pup, Koru. She’s also an avid photographer, dodgeball player, soccer fan, and attempts writing a new screenplay at least once a month for what she swears will be Hollywood’s next big blockbuster.