Progressive Promotions has mastered the art and science of advocacy communication – we know how and where to reach the people you want to engage. More than that, we help you mobilize them by telling your compelling story in creative ways.

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We're small enough that you'll always get the personal attention you want and deserve, plus we...

  • Feel passion for progressive causes, understand the culture of organizing and have an established reputation for results.
  • Cultivate close relationships with local journalists, "grasstops" leaders and grassroots advocates.
  • Embrace opportunities for digital innovation.
  • Work harder than any firm we know and charge far less than any of the "big guy" Colorado P.R. firms.

Scroll down to see how we can best help you with your communications strategy, earned media push, or digital engagement needs. Have a question? Feel free to contact us today.






Progressive Promotions analyzes the essence of your issue and organization, determines forceful messaging so that your audiences “get it” immediately, helps you decide the most effective traditional and newer channels deliver them and advises you on the best timing to reach your goals. 

You want to win – we deliver strategy & messaging to get you there.

We help you cut through the static to connect with your audience in today's lightening-fast world:

  • Identify and research target audiences and specific facts-and-stats to make your case compelling
  • Formulate winning messages, develop taglines, create talking points and refine your “elevator speech”
  • Determine appropriate messengers and channels to best engage your potential supporters
  • Create effective public education campaigns targeting specific audiences that include goals, measurable objectives and detailed action items with timelines and delegation




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Progressive Promotions has cultivated the reporter, editor, producer and blogger contacts to get your issue in front of the people who make the news. Plus, we know they need to put together a great story and we always deliver the facts and spokespeople that get the story published and aired.

Our clients GET noticed by traditional media – And Get In their stories.

We offer a range of expertise, including the ability to:

  • Develop media plans that meld savvy messaging, outlet targeting, messenger choices and timing strategies
  • Inspire journalists to cover issues, events and other stories via ongoing relationships, pitches, press conferences, etc.
  • Coach your staff, board member and “real people” spokespeople to be effective messengers
  • Strategize and implement timely "news hook" pitches and crisis communications





Progressive Promotions understands that digital media offers powerful ways to move your message so that your people know more, care about and do something about your issue. We guide you in developing powerful websites, online petitions and social media. And as visual communication becomes more important, we also create video, graphic and text content that inspire connection and action. 

OUR videos, website, and social media CAMPAIGNS GET RESULTS.

We are masterful digital strategists who can:

  • Create digital plans that include websites, blog, Facebook pages and other social media tools to connect online
  • Implement paid online media campaigns, including search engine optimization and pay per click ads
  • Produce short, social media-appropriate videos to tell organizational program, people and advocacy stories
  • Design infographics and graphic memes to share on various platforms